Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Earth Day snow

It started falling at sunset and kept falling all night long.  In the morning there was several inches of wet, heavy snow and slush covering everything.  I've seen snow this late in spring, but can't recall seeing this much.  Well, if it had been two degrees warmer it would have falling as sleet and rain, which wouldn't have been as pretty but I wouldn't have had to shovel it either.

As I was shoveling a path down the drive to haul the trash can out, the dogs were having fun.

Tucker takes off after Ceilidh!

The back deck again covered in deep snow, maybe for one last time?  Who knows?

Shoveling off the car, as an ice scraper just won't do.

Our foster dog Goldie came from North Carolina but she doesn't seem to mind the snow.  In fact, she likes playing in it.

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