Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day snow

Yes, it snowed again starting late last night and falling until five this morning.  We had a total of around eight inches of snow in New Richmond and points south of us had up to fourteen inches of wet, heavy snow.  At three in the morning we lost power, which I knew because the alarm on the computers UPS was going off.  We had power restored at a quarter after six though as a crew fixed a power line just down the street from our house.  I took the dogs out to have a bit of fun while I cleared the snow off my car and took a few photos too.

From the front door of our house at 6:20am, when there was plenty of light thanks to it being May 2nd, hard as that may be to believe given the scene.

I didn't bother shoveling much, except to clear the front steps and walkway for the mail carrier.  It'll all melt soon enough.

The obligatory shot of the deck out back, which I didn't bother to shovel either.

Tucker and Ceilidh out just chillin'.

Out back in a winter wonderland.

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